Instructor Briefcase Extractor (IBE)

This tool is useful if you have any class(es) that are listed on the Instructor’s Briefcase on the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) website.

The program uses your Employee ID and pin to login and retrieve all classes that you are teaching for that quarter.  Once retrieved you can choose how to output the students.  Current output options include:

  • Clicker (as a text file to use clickers in your class)
  • Outlook Distribution List(s)
  • WAMAP course list(s) (as a text file to upload to WAMAP – check to see if you have permissions)
  • MTG (Making the Grade) course list(s) as a text file
  • WebAssign course list(s) as a text file
  • Excel – Class, Roll, and Lab Sheets

Not all colleges are represented as I don’t know what the URL is for all colleges (or even if it would be useful).

IBE Publish Page

The source is available here https://github.com/Cash4Programming/IBE